Non Essential Advice For a Simple Life

TIP:  Use tools YOU understand.  If you don't fully understand how complex  programs and apps are, try understanding WHY you need it and HOW it will work before you dive in.  Have someone that understands how you think help you with solutions that work for you.  

TIP:  There is a difference between understanding how things work and performing the daily tasks.  If you understand how things work, you can make informed decisions about hiring people to help you or doing them yourself.  

TIP:  After reviewing your information always walk away for a bit and come back and review your information.  Look for "splelling" errors and busts in your spreadsheet formula's.  "2+2=3.875" 

TIP:  Keep it simple!  Sometimes "less is more"!

TIP:  Always check the weather before you go.  Let go of the things you can't control.  Share the good stuff. 

And don't stick a knife in the toaster while its plugged in.