Use your valuable time to do what you are effective at doing and I will get you caught up and organized.

 Here's what people say about my work.

"Before Kristi came in we had too many cooks in the kitchen as they say. She facilitated reorganization, helped refocus existing employees to their best strengths and put processes in place to keep the hierarchy in place".

- Jill Harter, Denali Accounting


"As long time associate of Kristi McDonnell, I am consistently impressed with her organizational skills, ability to listen, ability to gather clarity and her integrity to understand her clients need in a process and deliver results that are effective and true".

- Dan Michels, Crystal Creek Lodge


"Kristi is great to work with. She listens to where things are and where the business wants to go. She hears the pain points, sees the possibilities, finds solutions, and guides to get things implemented. She is easy to communicate with and always professional. You want her part of your team if you want to get things done"!

- Brenda Bowen, Peace of Mind Accounting


"I've worked with Kristi for over a year now & have been more than impressed with her skill set since the start.

Kristi has a very strong analytical knack. On a regular basis, we utilize her expertise to slice/dice large data sets into meaningful subsets which she's then able to provide summary reports on or executive snapshots. She can boil down massive amounts of transactional data into useful information. I'm an advanced Excel user but I'm always learning new Excel functionality from Kristi.

Another area we lean heavily on Kristi for is risk management. She has excellent experience in understanding a business & is able to identify where/what exposure we have. She asks the tough questions on areas of concern that have otherwise gone overlooked. She also serves as an outstanding liaison between us & our insurance providers. Kristi's excellent at guiding our risk mitigation strategies.

We leverage Kristi's skills for numerous other tasks too. Her ability to keep us organized, not only with cloud-based file structure management but also from a process perspective, is unparalleled. Kristi is an outstanding resource who I highly recommend!"

- Tate L. Russell, CFO, L&M Equipment, Inc.