Focusing on business processes, entrepreneurs and individuals who seek organization and transparency


Restructuring filing systems for ease of use, transparency, and confidentiality are my superpower.

I can sort and file your stuff so its easy to find and available wherever you are.

Everyone has a different learning style and my top priority is to ensure end users have solutions that are simple, consistent and efficient.

Bookkeeping and Risk            Management

Setup bookkeeping, job costing and review of insurance programs.

I have over 33 years of experience with budgets, job costing, project controls, accouting turnover to CPA, and risk management.  I can organize your files and data so your professional counterparts can see clear summarized information which helps them guide you efficiently. 

One area I of review is through gathering insurance policies and information and laying the information out so the gaps can easily be identified by your insurance broker.  This is especially important for those who use mulitple brokers.

Analyzing Your Data

If you need your data laid out in a way that you can understand it I can help.

Often times businesses have challenges in understanding their data to make informed decisions or take on the next step of growth.  I can set you up with processes to help you analyze your data in a way to empower informed decisions.  

I also do projects for companies that have a hard time creating budgets, understanding their burn rate and general cash flow issues.

Process and Procedures

Working with businesses of all sizes to analyze inefficiencies, develop processes, obtain employee input, write and get stakeholder approval, and implement training.  Projects range in size and duration.

Focusing on ease of use and keeping it simple. 

Collaboration &       Transparency

While change can be difficult for some, I have a proven track record on what works. 

Owners and managers need to be able to access information easily without waiting on the bookkeeper.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget can seem overwhelming for some.  I can collaborate with you to create a budget and help you understand how to live within it.